Saturday, January 30, 2010

Business Cards by greenerprinter!

A few months ago I was searching for a new company to print my cards...and I knew right away that I wanted cards that were eco-friendly...but I also wanted cards that were unique...visually unique. Well, after searching high & low, I found Greenerprinter!

My cards are made from recycled paper...and the facility where these cards are made in a manner that is very conscious of the environment...and that's important to me! Additionally, their customer service is excellent. Let me explain...on my second batch of cards that I ordered, there was a mistake on the cards...a smear mark...on every the same spot. I figured it was the printing machine...but the culprit was me! A layer in photoshop didn't flatten so smoothly...and I didn't catch the error in the proof Greenerprinter sent my bad. Well, Greenerprinter allowed me to reorder my cards (the corrected version) free of cost! That tells you about the company's character...but with that said, I wouldn't take advantage of their kindness...they could have charged me for MY carelessness.

I designed the cards myself, but was heavily inspired by these...and the look on my website. The cards are 16pt...that's pretty thick...and they are the same width as a regular business card...but they are about 1/3 less in gives the card that narrow look. The pricing on the card...well go to their'll take like 2 can check the prices there...I don't like talking about money...but they are very affordable...the overhead won't be a killer...honest!

Info about the picture:
Shot in my backyard...with my 90mm f3.2...1/1600 of second on the shutter speed.
That's my son's cup...really, he uses it!

Thursday, January 28, 2010 Steven.

So I of late, I've been having some sort of infatuation with movement...with Running!
I can't help it...I tried it once...and it was cool...but now it's like I'm trying to outdo myself?

This shoot was inspired by the movie "The Pursuit of Happyness" starring Will Smith. If you haven't seen it...go see it...but most of you have probably already seen it. It's based on a true story...but it's been Hollywooded?

Thanks Steven for putting up with my running shots...I realize that you probably ran a few miles today on my account...I apologize...your lady will appreciate it! hahaha!

By the all...Steven is an actor...I've worked with him on a few occasions...he's good people! And a little hint, hint to the photogs reading my blog...actors are the best for Lifestyle shoots...because they can play the role perfectly...they're used to acting...pretending...well, almost pretending...


Sunday, January 24, 2010

Haitian Relief Fundraiser...We Gave!!!

Hey was BIG! As a Social Worker, I've helped a lot of people in a lot of ways...but I was supposed to...I was paid to do it (but not much)....but today was different.

When I left my Social Work job, I promised to myself and my wife that I would still help's something I can't help but do. With the situation in Haiti, I figured I'd donate a few bucks...but that just wasn't enough for me. So I decided to do photo shoots by donation...and with the help of my good friend photography buddy, Jerome...LaTavia from Fabulous of "my" past brides Emily...and her mom...Emily at Anomaly...and Matt at Burro Bags (who helped spread the word massive)...and Carmen at RAP (who also spread the word)...Heather Canada, who posted the fundraiser on her blog (which brought Jennifer from Orlando!)...and many others for sending out invitations via Facebook...and all my twitter followers for retweeting...we did an awesome job!!! At the end of the day, we raised $1300!!!

Again...thanks to all who helped and gave...and thanks to my friend Matt Simons for shooting some video...we'll have a video up soon!

Here's a few fotos from the day...enjoy...

Friday, January 22, 2010

Burro Bags Massive

I'm going to do something I haven't done before...and that's share a nearly 200 photos from my recent shoot with Burro Bags! Let me preface...yes, Burro Bags will receive all 199, not all are "photographically valuable" to my eyes...but, since there were so many people involved in this shoot, I want to give them some shots that I think might have VALUE to them...shots of them laughing...even though they were supposed to be serious...or shots of Matt riding across the Main Street bridge...even though the building behind him is poking out of his head...or shots of them laying on the ground trying our FAUX Bruce Weber shot...despite the horrible lighting. Now if you are wondering, when I submit these photos to Matt at Burro Bags, I will separate the images that I think are website and promo worthy...the others will be in another file...called "just for fun"....or "please don't put these on Facebook...unless you plan on NOT giving me credit."

In the near future, I'll post the strongest 20 or so on facebook...until then, enjoy...and yes, this is music from the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack...K-Jee by MFBS (Mother Father Brother Sister). And one more thing, for a more important blog post, please scroll down and read the one below...thanks!

Flash Required to view this area.

Monday, January 18, 2010


Make-up Artist will be present! Come out everyone!

The latter part of last week I've been thinking how I can give to the people of Haiti...and I was really stumped. I personally don't have enough funds to make a significant I just kept thinking of what I could do...and a light bulb went off Friday night...and then I slept on it to make sure this was the right thing to do...and Saturday morning I woke-up knowing I had to do this.

So this is the deal. From 10am until it gets too dark, on Sunday, January the 24th, I'm booking 15 minute photo sessions in front of Anomaly (1021 Park Street - 5 Points). No appointment needed...I'm taking walk-ins! All you have to do is write a check to the Yele Foundation or UNICEF (any amount...just give!)...I'll have stamped envelopes already addressed to Yele or UNICEF...we'll put the check in the envelopes...and then give you the envelope...yes, we're using the honor'll be responsible for mailing the check! During that process, we'll get your contact info so that we can deliver your images!

Pets are welcomed!

Please spread the word to everyone you know...tweet this, facebook it...e-mail it to all your friends...thanks!
Thanks Emily at Anomaly and Matt at Burro Bags!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Burro Bags LifeSteelo!

I can write a book about today's shoot...but since my last few posts have been kind of novel-some, I'll make this short. Check out Burro Bags...these guys make bags out of the vinyl from old billboards...and that's nice & green...thanks Matt, Chris, & company...that was fun...and kind of crazy!

And a little shout-out to Shantytown Pub located at 22 W. 6th Street...or 6th and Main St...thanks for letting us borrow your patio in the back...hmmm...I owe you Ian...

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Wedding Party's 1980s New Year Party!

So if you weren't at the Jacksonville Golf & Country Club hanging-out with the folks from the Wedding Party last night...then you were missing out!

Let me give you a brief synopsis of how things went down...

First, Jacksonville Golf & Country Club set things up real nice...and the food was a good way. It was fun that was it's own smoke that was eaten out of egg shells...apples wrapped in bacon...asparagus that was fried in batter. Now, my vegan palate didn't permit me to partake...but it appeared everyone was enjoying the food...enjoying the taste...and enjoying the manner in which it was consumed!

And then we had some fun with this crazy backdrop...Karate Kid...and Mike D from the Beastie Boys showed up. Everyone was digging the props...especially those SUNGLASSES...and Heather Canada was sharing some love!

And then things got Real Hot! Jeff from Deland Entertainment taught everyone a few moves...and then he decided to entertain us...and some were entertained...I think that's someone holding up dollar bills? Shortly after, I caught some of the Wedding Party crew bustin' a move on the dance floor! Go Heather, Go Heather!

Here's a extra little treat...hope everyone enjoyed...and thank you to the The Wedding Party crew for letting me hang-out with you all!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Going Manual!

All Spaces Filled!

So I'm doing something crazy...or at least some may think. I'm going to give back...give freely...give b/c I love giving!

You ever wonder why your pictures just don't have that certain look...they never look like those pictures you see on those super-awesome photographer blogs? Well, there could be a number of reasons why your pictures don't have that pop...and one of those reasons may be that you are not in control of your camera.

So I'm offering a free something that I can't even give a title. Basically, I'm inviting 12 up & comers or hobbyists to hang-out with me on January 23rd. During this time I'll be guiding you on how to shoot to take control of your camera. We will be learning about aperture, ISO, shutter speed...and even color balance. I'll provide a person for us to be our guinea pig...woohoo!

After the little mini-session, where we will practice messing with our camera controls, we can go hang-out at Three Layers...ask any questions...or just chill!

To reserve your spot and get more info, contact me at

All Spaces Filled!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Me+Our Labor of Love=Goodness!

Last year...that sounds like a long time ago! Anyway...last year in November 2 months ago, I got to help out Our Labor of Love.

I've said this before...and I'll say it again...I highly recommend 2nd or 3rd shooting every once in a while...yes, even if you are an established photographer. You can never learn enough. Every time I assist someone, I take something with me to one of my gigs...and it also teaches if you ever get kind of big headed and start treating your assistant/2nd shooter like a second class citizen...reflect on your time assisting...remember how well that person treated you...or how awful they treated you.

In my case, Jesse and Whit treated me very nicely. They let me do my thing...they didn't require that I shoot only at f5.6...or not to surpass 1000 ISO...or shoot with only one kind of lens. They were also courteous and prepared to offer me their memory cards (this makes getting images to the person you are assisting much easier). They even had enough Pocket Wizards to loan me one for the night...which was nice, b/c I don't use PWs. They were well prepared!

Thank you Jesse and Whit...I had a lot of fun hanging out with you two!

Brianna & Matt's Wedding at the Ribault Club. Enjoy!

This is the effect of Whit's lighting causes sporadic moments of light worshipping among the lady guests!
Is it effect or affect?