Monday, March 29, 2010

E-Motion by Kim & Joey!

Yup...this is one of those ironic shoots that ends up on my blog. It was inspired by this Norman Rockwell painting/picture...and this video by Charlie Winston .

I think this was the hardest shoot for any of my participants (I think that's the best word for anyone volunteering to be in any of my personal projects). Kim & Joey have a pretty peaceful relationship, so they really stepped out of their comfort zone...but they did an awesome job! Additionally, I have over 5 years of work experience in the Domestic Violence at times, I felt a little out of place.

Thanks to Daisy (Hairstylist) of Oscar & Lula's

Enjoy...but not too much!

See, they do really love each other!
Photogs: If you've been reading my blog for the past 3 months or so, you've noticed there's a lot of movement in my work. I guess I'm super intrigued by the energy given off when people are moving. As people, we naturally move a lot...that's why we have legs, arms, muscles, etc...
Even if we're in a situation where we have to be still, we people find a way to be doing something (i.e. on the cell phone in your car...tapping your feet in that boring staff meeting...bobbing your head in your work cubicle...). So for me, at the present moment, it's fitting for me to catch people in motion...doing things that may be real...yes, I actually have seen a woman & man fight outside...on several occasions...except it usually involved a car...not a scooter...

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Micah Lifestyle!

Another cool shoot...thanks to Micah...who by the way, is a friend of Mark Hubbard - the center of my Social Life.

Photogs: This shoot was full of much experimentation...some were real taping my camera to Micah's board while he chased his board...if you saw this picture, you'd have no clue what the heck was going on! But that's how it win some, you lose's a few winners!


Monday, March 22, 2010

From Chi-Town to Florida!

I was thinking about this drawing...and then I realized that this thing is an artifact! It was drawn during Easter Sunday...1993...94ish! This drawing for some reason is really special to me...I've kept it through high school (it was my folder decor) survived college...and even went to work with me for 5 or so years! My cousin, Camilo, drew this while were in church. Our aunt Michelle dragged us to church on Easter (I was up in Chicago visiting during Spring Break)...and I remember this might have been only the 2nd or 3rd time that Camilo, my other cousin, Pablo, and I were together at the same time (it's so rare that all 3 of us are together at one moment???). During the church service, Camilo started to draw my name...and then he gave it to me...just like that. For whatever reason, this drawing has followed me around...but unfortunately, I haven't been a good cousin...I haven't talked to Camilo in a few years...shame on me...I think I'm going to send him a letter.

Check out this blog Camilo Cumpian and an old website. Pablo...if you read this...did you start Camilo's blog?

Enjoy my cousin's Easter Sunday art, we were not listening to the Pastor...sorry Michelle?

Here's the back of the drawing...I guess this is what the sermon was about...

Monday, March 15, 2010

Marilyn Monroe Soiree at the MOCA!

Saturday night, MOCA had an event to celebrate the Marilyn Monroe exhibit. The event was a fundraiser for the MOCA's educational programs. I was given the honor to photograph the event...which I thank the MOCA for asking me...and it also keeps me in par with my goal to do some type of charitable event every other month!

The night was fun...and exciting...I think everyone smiled when they saw the food! Music was great as well. Trae Gurley kept the dance floor moving! And I got to meet some awesome people like Emily from Studio Orange...she does great work!

Thank you MOCA for the good time...thank you Rebecca!
Click here to visit the online will need a's on the card I handed out that night...
Photogs: Lighting...the old fashion way...on camera lighting...that was the only way to capture the night. I shot with my Nikon SB 800...everything manual...and no diffusers tonite. I didn't feel like dealing with that one piece of tupperware that you put on your flash unit (you know which one I'm talking about)...way too cumbersome and protruding...especially when there's a few hundred people!

Erin & Matt's Wedding!

This past weekend was super busy...and I wrapped it up with Erin & Matt's wedding! They had an awesome Sunday wedding at the Garden Club of Jacksonville that incorporated a few Jewish traditions. And as you can tell from the montage below, everyone was living it up and having a good time!

Hair & Make-up: Beauty Lounge: 904-387-7850
Wedding Planner: Tanya of Southern Charm Event Planning
Florist: Susan of A Fantasy in Flowers
And as more often than not...thank you again to my friend, Jerome, for assisting!

Photogs: I lit the reception hall with 3 Nikon strobes mounted on light stands. When I light up a venue, it always depends on how the room is set up (you want your lights out of the way)...typically I shoot with 2 strobes on stands...but this place is pretty big! So Jerome and I created a "triangle like" lighting scheme. Each strobe was pointed at a 45 degree angle towards the center of the room. Now it's up to you to capture people partying and having fun!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Ashley & David!

Meet Ashley & David! We met in St. Augustine and hung-out for a few...can't wait until their wedding in May! These 2 were awesome. They know how to rock out in front of the camera! Photogs...this is a perfect example of me having about 15 concepts...and then giving your subjects enough room to be themselves while achieving your conceptual goals! With that said...make sure your "clients" like your concepts...if not, save the concept for your friends...or a model...???

Thanks Jerome for helping out again!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Bruce Gilden...what do you think?

I saw this video today...and until today, I have never heard of this photographer...Bruce Gilden. As I was watching this video and Bruce's approach...I almost fell out of my seat. I thought that one lady, at the beginning of the video, was going to have a heart attack! Regardless, when I was done watching it, I wasn't sure how to digest this thing. As the night progressed...I realized something - this man takes his trade VERY SERIOUS...and that I do respect.

It's kind of funny, because if I tried to pull off something like this, it would be totally unethical...but when I watch him do seems fine...and I'm ok with it. He's doing it from some where deep within...he's trying to find something I guess that's not so unethical. Goes to show how ethics are sometimes...just depends on your perspective...where you're coming from. Check out this video...what do you think?

By the Bruce Gilden...get some info on him...pretty cool...

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Retro shoot video!!!

Mark Hubbard cut this video from our shoot this past Sunday. This will blow you away! Thanks Hubbard...absolutely, ridiculously, awesome!!!

Enjoy everyone...

50's from Mark Hubbard on Vimeo.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Fun Retro Shoot!

Today was a total blast! For the past 4 months, I've been thinking about this shoot...and about a month ago I started putting the pieces together...and here's super minor teaser (because I'm saving the best for another time...for The Clothing Warehouse - who provided the clothing...thank you Kim and Jim)!

This shoot was a massive I said, the concept came up a while back...but the action started about a month ago. Unfortunately, this past week, things started to NOT go as planned. Due to a schedule conflict, I lost my vintage car...and a few other's were unable to attend. So I had to scramble to put the pieces back together...and little persistence paid off!

First I want to give a super thank you to the Northeast Florida Antique Auto Club for responding to my e-mail. Within 24 hours (this past Friday) I had a fact, I had 2 cars! Thank you Judy and Ralph!!! Secondly, I want to thank Johnny Angel's Diner for letting us in their diner...Owner, Salem, gave his blessing about a month ago!
Thirdly, I want to thank the talent, the stylists, and my assistants...some came with little notice...some committed a month ago!

Credit goes to:
Michal May (Make-up Artist) - 786-390-0066
Sonia Garza (Hair Stylist)
Danielle Dyer Tyler (Wardrobe Stylist)
Jerome Esperar (my good friend and assistant)
Katelyn Vonfeldt (fellow photog and assistant)
Mark Hubbard (good friend and videographer)

The wonderful "models" are:
Calder Yates
Eric Main
Sandy Haltiwanger
Catherine Faulk
Adam Wittekind
Jack Twachtman

Everyone did a great job...thank you for your commitment, your patience, and your sense of humor!!! Enjoy!

The Crew!

Saturday, March 6, 2010


I got a hang-out with Crystal artist...but not the snobby kind...she's so down to earth (she has a real sweet spirit). We shot for a little over an 229 Hogan St. These shots below are in 229's retro looks like it belongs in one of those art deco buildings in Miami. Thanks Crystal!'s a little experimental views like a trailer...sort of leaves you hanging...sorry...perhaps I will do a full featured version...hmmm....

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Art Walk (Things you learn...)

Last night I went to the Art Walk and realized that the world is really smaller than that old saying or song, "It's a small world." Let me explain. First, I met Mark Hubbard over 2 years ago while taking video production courses at FSCJ. Through our friendship, I've met a good deal of his being Super Curtis. Second, about 3 months ago, I met Matt from Burro Bags.

Meeting these two people has probably been the most unique experience ever...and has introduced me a whole new host of friends! Words are too hard to explain...but for example: I'm talking to Crystal that I met earlier this week via a pretty long string of people...she says, "I'll ask my roommate Roy." I say, "Roy who?" She says, "Roy B." I say, "Really...he's your roommate! I asked him already. So you know Hubbard and the crew..." Crystal, "Yes....." Now repeat conversations similar to this...and that sums up last night...and heck, the last month!

Here's a diagram that poorly displays how everyone is connected...and I left a few people out simply b/c my brain can only retain so much info...and I'm sure more of these lines could connect, but then that could cause you to go cross-eyed?

By the's Matthew Abercrombie...not Abercombie???
Innocent bystanders who showed up at 229 Hogan St. And art work by Crystal!