Sunday, May 30, 2010

Julie & Blake's Wedding!

Yesterday I documented Julie & Blake's wedding day in St. Augustine! I think everyone had a good time...I had a good time...I don't think I've ever witnessed so much dancing!

Thanks to all the vendors for making my day a bit easier.

Church: Cathedral Basilica
Venue: White Room - Shannon is the best!!!
Hair & Make-up: Debbie's Day Spa & Salon
Flowers: Liz Stewart - Good seeing you Tiffany!!!

For photogs...and for everyone...I break my weddings into 3 parts...Preparation (hair, make-up, details, & getting ready)...the Ceremony (plus formals & portraits)...and the Reception. This keeps me sane (joke)...and it preserves a good pace in my's a psychological thing...but it works to my advantage! So I posted 2 montages..maybe next time I'll post 3...enjoy!

Preparation/Ceremony & Portraits

The Reception!
Thank you Yuliya for your help!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Ron Rodriguez!

This past week I had the blessing to photograph one of my favorite persons ever...Ron know, Ron Rodriguez & the Repeat Offenders! Ron had a gig at the CW Studios. Thank you CW for being so kind to let us shoot the whole show with a white background! Check here, here, and here for some other cool photos from the day...and check the images down below...on guard!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Arlington Expressway...

Random thoughts:

The MMA shoot (a few blog posts down) is no longer my most difficult shoot. Try taking 7 joggers on Arlington Expressway...have them jog across the expressway...photograph them...and nail it.

The hard part about shooting on Arlington Expressway...constant traffic...
The hard part about shooting 7 people running...variables...composition variables...not much I can actually control...
The hard part about shooting 7 people running on Arlington now have ulcers!

Why would I photograph 7 people jogging across an Expressway...Arlington residents (including children) do it quite often...even to the's kind of far to have to walk up to Arlington Rd. to cross the expressway...hence, this is my sarcastic way of telling the city to build a crosswalk!

By the way, I learned something new about a month ago...and it came in handy today...I used the back focus button on the back of my camera...makes things easier in these situations...

Finally, never shoot...I mean photograph...7 people crossing an me...don't do it!

I mean, finally, the top left image...and the 2 below it, will most likely be used for my series of Public Service Announcements...
Thanks to the jogging crew for putting your life at risk...sort was for a good cause...and thanks to Richard for helping me out!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Changes: Instead of auctioning a print, I will be doing a silent auction for a 2 hour photo shoot...bids will start at $75. The shoot will include your images on disc!

When: Wednesday, June 2nd
Time: 5pm-9pm
Where: Suite 106...inside the Landing...see you there...
Extra: From 7pm-9pm - $10 donation=portrait on the spot, including a print.

Greetings everyone! Thanks for stopping by to read my blog! This is a really important blog keep reading!

This coming Art Walk I will be doing a LIVE shoot to raise money for Compassionate Families! About 4 or 5 years back, I did quite a bit of collaborative work with Compassionate I am very familiar with their services...and they were one of the best agencies I had a chance to work with! Compassionate Families is a non-profit agency (but very, very grassroots) that works with families (especially children) that have lost a loved one due to murder. You can read about them here.

This is the need to come and show support! The live shoot will be based around the theme of diversity...but that's all I'm going to say, b/c I don't want to spoil the surprise! After the shoot is over, I will post process the images right there on the spot...and my goal is to have a large print on display before the end of the night!!! That print will be auctioned off...100% of the proceeds will go to Compassionate Families. Additionally, once I've completed the post processing...around 7pm...I will be doing portraits for a $10 donation...and you'll get your print right then!

Follow me so far? Cool! Another thing...this one is for up&coming photographers...even hobbyists! I'll be offering 4 days of "don't call it a workshop" thingy. The thingies will be broken down into 4 subjects....shooting manual, composition, lighting/lifestyle shoot, and post processing! Each subject will be about 3-4's very fast pace...very hands-0n...and I promise you'll have some practical skills at the end of each "session". The cost is minor...and 100% will benefit Compassionate Families. So what's the cost? A $60 donation! If you want to give more, then I won't stop you! (You'll need a DSLR and a Nikon camera...ok...just joking...but a DSLR is necessary!)

The event will take place during the June Art Walk...that's June 2nd. The location will be Suite 106, which is inside of the Jacksonville Landing (it's one of the Off the Grid galleries). Joey Thate and Kim Barry have been super awesome letting me use some of their gallery space...and they will also have some of their work up...I suspect surprises from them too!!! The shoot will start at 5pm...and around 7pm I will start photographing whoever wants photos of themselves!!!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at 904-338-3901 or at
And if you want to reserve your spot for the "don't call it a workshop" thingy, you can contact me now...or reserve your spot at the Art Walk!

Hope to see you there...and they do too (Kim & Joey on the scooter)!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Mixed Martial Arts...

This past Saturday I was asked to do something I have never done. I was asked to photograph a night of MMA bouts. If you know me, follow me on my blog or whatever social networking tool is out there...then you know I'm not much of an advocate for violence. I understand the skill needed...and the respect these warriors have for one another...but I don't get any joy or adrenaline rush watching people pound each other. Regardless...I shot the event...b/c it's hard for me to turn down something that's new to me...and b/c I knew it would be a challenge...and I like challenges (now I sound like an MMA fighter).

With that said, it was a challenge. Friday night was the weigh-in...and there were way too many grown men in one needless to say, the set-up wasn't great...I knew I wouldn't be able to create any memorable I quickly set-up a make shift studio in the hallway of the hotel. I used their dark window curtain as a backdrop (I was running short on time and had very little using my backdrop was not an option). I used 2 flash units on a with a soft bear. The soft box was directly to the left of the fighters...and the bear flash unit was 20 degrees or so to the right of the fighters. I then quickly grabbed a few guys to see if they wanted pictures...and they did. And then with their images on my display screen to use as an enticement, I was able to photograph most of the guys...and even a few guys that weren't fighting! A few of those images are below.

The night of the fights was pretty chaotic as well. This was definitely the most challenging shoot to date...harder than any wedding I have ever shot! The problem was no one could direct me as to where I could shoot from...and all I knew is that I couldn't shoot from practically seemed. To make matters was a cage fight (which is normal for MMA). Additionally, they had this 2-3 foot platform coming off the cage, so you couldn't shoot through the "gate" holes. Regardless, a few minutes before the fight, I found a spot with limited views...but it was a spot that didn't interfere with the judges or any other officials. The first fight was an experiment with lenses. I learned quickly that my 35mm prime and my 70-200mm lenses were the tools for the job. 35mm got the wide shots...especially if they got really close to me...unfortunately, the gate links are visible in most of these shots...but the 70-200mm was good for reach...and the shallow depth of field nearly dissolved the gate links! That was my experience...a massive learning experience...and I got my adrenaline rush when I realized I did capture some very notable images!

Click here to see a slide show of the night...there's no place for these images on my blog...and perhaps you might not want to see the pictures...which I can totally understand...for those who click the link, enjoy...sort of...

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Historic Five Points!

Last Friday I was asked by Wingard Creative to capture Five Points...the essence of Five Points (thank you Joey Marchy)! The photos will be kept by Riverside Presbyterian in a time when the day comes, future generations will be able to see the changes in Five Points (it's cool being a part of history!).

Here's s a few shots from the day/night...thank you to all the shops and people that let me photograph them...enjoy history frozen in megapixels!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Ashley & David's Wedding!

As promised...Ashley & David's wedding! This couple knows how to have a lot of fun...and I'm going to miss photographing them...

Yesterday, Ashley & David married at Hibernia Baptist Church. The reception was at Oakleaf Plantation. It was a fun day...full of surprises...especially the horse...Dot! Check out the montage below...and the awesome vendors too!

Hair Stylist: Steven at Wired Look (904) 727-2526


Friday, May 7, 2010

Lifestyle Shoot!

I've been asked a few times how I get my clients (not models or actors) to do the things they do in my shoots - run, kiss, laugh, flirt, etc. To try to answer the question, I took 5 photographers with me on a lifestyle shoot and showed them how I run it.
Here's a few shots from the thing I can say is that the images you put on your blog and website will attract people that fit within your images' personalities. So, by me, displaying strictly shots of people walking, laughing, jumping, chasing, and eating, I naturally attract people with that kind of personality. So when it's time to do a shoot, they are willing and ready for whatever surprises I have in hand!
Thank you
Ashley & David for donating your time...and by the way, Ashley and David are not models...they are my clients...they are "regular" people...and you will be seeing them on the blog again...b/c they are getting married tomorrow!

For inspiration check out:

Monday, May 3, 2010

Rani & Jeremy's Wedding!

Let me preface by saying I love the Filipino culture and it's people! They are so positive...and so loving!

Yesterday I documented Rani & Jeremy's wedding...and it was such a pleasure...additionally, they fed me a totally vegan that's love! The ceremony and reception took place at Club Continental. Despite the heat, we rocked the day pretty darn good. The Faze Band was ridiculously awesome...they kept the dance floor moving! Check out the awesome vendors listed below...and the pictures...which I think tell the story way better than my words!

Enjoy! (Ah...special thanks to my trusty friend, Jerome...and Rachael Shepherd for their helping hands.)

Make-up: Paulina Perez

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Karen & Daniel's Wedding!

Greetings everyone! I have another surprise...fresh out of the box...Karen & Daniel's wedding! Today...yes...really, today...I had the opportunity of documenting Karen & Daniel's special day. Over a year ago I shot their engagement photos...and finally they became wife & husband! I hope you enjoy...and a special thanks to Krystle Hicks for coordinating today's wedding!

I hope you all enjoy the new montage style...give me feedback...I'm considering this type of montage vs. my usual...enjoy!