Wednesday, July 27, 2011

They Got Money!

Here's a few of the college bound students that will receive a monetary award from SOLSF! The award will help them pay for college. A few of the students mentioned to me that they will be attending University of Portland, RCC, SOU, & University of Oregon. Some of the students will be studying Nursing, Psychology, Criminal Justice, & Video Production!
Battle of the Beans event helped raise money for these students!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


A few of Crissy!

I've been teaching basic photography to the instructors at Southern Oregon Art Academy. The instructors will then teach their students...and then the students will be able to shoot a few quick portraits of their subject ...and paint off of the print. The alternative is having their subject sit for hours while the students paint...which isn't always realistic.

So, for our session today, Crissy sat in as our AWESOME model!

Here's a few pics...enjoy!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Wagner Butte!

As you know...I've been on a mission to climb a few mountains this's what happens when you live in "Flat Florida" for 26 years!

This past weekend, with the help of Kevin Bendaw, Bobby Arellano, and Hector 'Revista Caminos' Flores I conquered another mount on my list to all I have is Mt. McLoughlin to conquer! The pic below is Wagner Butte (7,200 ft). Below that pic is Kevin (my hiking partner)...and to the right of that pic is the rest of the crew. The bottom pic is Mt. Ashland in the foreground...and then Mt. Shasta in a distance. Enjoy!
For all my Florida Friends...these mountains are literally in "my backyard." Just a few minutes drive to the trailheads...I'm living in a fantasy world that's REAL!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Pilot Rock!

Where do I start? Well, I have a few goals for this all revolves around my fear of heights...and the excitement of being on top of a mountain!
1) Climb Wagner Butte
2) Climb Pilot Rock
3) the ultimate goal - Climb Mt. McLoughlin.

I can scratch off Pilot Rock! I had some serious fears thinking about this one. Several people told me Pilot Rock is the scariest of the 3...and it is scary! The top right picture shows the rock we had to scale to get to the top (with no special gear...just my hands...gym shoes...and Kevin). Thank you Kevin for showing me the path...that was incredible!

This was a major feat for me...especially because you had climb a pretty steep rock...steep enough that if you messed up, you weren't coming off the mountain conscious or alive!

For all my Florida friends, click this to see Pilot Rock from afar!


Monday, July 4, 2011

Fam Jam #4 - Culture Works

Another Fam Jam...more money raised...this time for Lotus Rising's a few of my favorites from the night...enjoy!

Location: Culture Works
Musicians/Bands below:
Phoenix Sigalove
Apple Siders
The Illies

Battle of the Beans!

My favorites from the Battle of the Beans! The event raised over $20,000. The funds will be given to several college bound Latino students in the Rogue Valley!