Thursday, May 19, 2011

Fam Jam...#3

Another awesome Rogue Fam 3rd! They raised $1000 for White Oak Farm & Education Center. Now more kids can go to camp and learn about organic farming!

And for you attendees of the Fam can check out the pics from all 3 Fam Jams here! The pictures are in order of the most recent Fam Jam...and I'll keep uploading new pics from future Fam Jams!

Also, here's a little teaser below...enjoy!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Buying a Camera ($200-$300 budget)

You're looking to buy a camera but your budget is $200-$300. Apparently you are looking to test the waters and see if photography is for you. You want to buy a camera that you can learn with...but if you find out that photography isn't your thing, you didn't break the bank.'re looking for a pretty decent Point & Shoot. only have $200-$300 dollars.

If you're looking to buy a DSLR in this price range, then you will be buying an older model...used DSLR. Your best bet is to check out B&H or Adorama. Currently, I think Adorama has more selection.

I recommend the D70, D70s, D100, or D50. These cameras were the thing back in there day. They're going to do the trick. You're going to have full control as you would most DSLRs. If I'm correct, the D70 & D70s do not offer the ability to control the Kelvin temperature (we're talking white balance)'ll have presets. Also, the D70 & D70s can act temperamental with the memory cards of this day and age. I experienced this recently (we're using these cameras to teach high school students). The camera would not read the new memory card. I reformatted the new card...and that then I grabbed every card I own and threw it in the D70s until it worked. And guess what? One of the cards worked...and then I grabbed the new card...and it worked! The other D70s has had no problems. So this is something to consider. I have had no problems with the pair of D100's. The ISO factor won't be so won't take much before the images get really noisy...but these cameras are for learning...and b/c the ISO range is so'll be forced to learn strobes or speedlights...and even slow shutter speeds!

You might find a D40 or D60 in this price range...but I'll have to use those AF-S lenses...and they cost more than the AF lenses. Additionally, if you ever decide to get a Nikon film camera, those AF lenses will work just fine. The AF-S lenses...well, you'll have to do some manual focusing.

Note: When you're buying these used cameras, make sure to check their condition rating.

Now, if you just want one badass Point & Shoot, then check this post by Nick Onken.

Photos from 4 years ago that I took using a D40, the kit lens, & a crippled tripod (but thank you Mike for letting me borrow it)...a testament that good photos can be made with entry level equipment...and good friends!