Saturday, September 18, 2010

Mt. view...from Oregon!

This is my view driving into town. I have to drive up a gravel road for 8 miles...whipping and winding through the mountains...the reward is a view of Mt. Shasta...
My Florida friends, this place is beautiful...but despite all the beauty, I miss a lot of things about Florida...mainly my friends...I'm kind of lost here...
My wife is still in I have only a few days to find a rental before the family joins me here...and it's been a struggle. I thought I had a nice place...but the following day someone put an offer to buy the house that I was approved to rent...I can't beat now I'm scrambling to find a decent house to rent....
I haven't found any photography community here....which scares me...I hope there's a need for a photographer here??? least I have the view below...and I haven't sweated yet...the weather is great! Enjoy!

Sunday, September 12, 2010


One more local (Jacksonville, FL) fulfill a promise! This is my good friend Dawn...she was my co-worker when I worked at Duval County Public Schools as a Social Worker. Recently, Dawn was commissioned...the ceremony was at One Ocean . Dawn will now be "Social Working" for the military (after she survives boot camp!). Enjoy!

Thursday, September 2, 2010


Yes, the picture below is terrible! This is some of my first "works" and that blown out thing is the Sun! And the orange clouds=Cokin Tobacco Filter...and then there's some oversharpening...and for some reason I shot this at f/10...1/30 of a second...hand held...I don't remember using a tripod...but that's not the point of this blog entry...I have much bigger news!

This is where I'm moving to! Ashland, Oregon! I know...some of you are upset...some are mad...and most don't care...and every other photographer in Jacksonville is happier b/c now there will be one less photographer to compete with...but I just wanted to make an "official statement." I will be leaving Jacksonville on September 13th...which is super soon! I'm going to miss everyone here...but for the past 5 years my wife and I have discussed moving...and then after a few trips to here and there, we decided Oregon was the place for us!

Follow me on twitter or FB...the links are on my blog (to the right of the image below)...I'm going to be offering a special last minute deal. Alright everyone...thank you Jacksonville...thank you to all of my friends here who helped me out so much...and photogs, pop that bottle of there's only 399 wedding photographers in the city!